Emma is 28 years old. She has rhuematoid arthritis. She won't get better with time. Only worse.

Her world turned upside down when she was diagnosed. 
"It broke me in ways I cannot describe. I felt like someone had shattered my life and sentenced me to a life of pain and suffering."

Please will you gift a gift so that people like Emma don't have to face their arthritis diagnosis alone. Your gift will help provide practical and emotional support so that people like Emma and her son Ezra can live life to the fullest. 

Without your support we won't be able to answer every call on the Infoline, provide self-management courses and webinars and always be there for people like Emma when they desperately need help. 

Please donate today. 

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Your gift will help people like Emma access compassionate support and information when they need it most. 

Your gift will help answer calls on our Infoline, so that there’s always someone there to talk to and answer those difficult questions.

Your gift will help fund self-management courses and seminars so that people like Emma can take control of their arthritis.

Because of you, every Queenslander - no matter where they live - can have access to the tools they need to better manage their condition and improve their quality of life. 

Your gift will help people like Emma to know that they don't have to face arthritis alone.

"Thanks to Arthritis Queensland's generous supporters, I had somewhere to turn to after my diagnosis, this was the biggest help and it made me feel like I wasn't alone."​​​​​​​